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Capilla vendimia

La Capilla Vendimia Seleccionada

Vendimia Seleccionada 2016


Careful selection from our estate


Our own vineyards in Roa, La Horra and Anguix. Exclusive selections from the finest corners of the estate, in areas with very low production. Plantation grafted by hand in the field, with vine shoots selected from old vines in the area, an unusual practice that makes the vineyard special.


Interesting similarity of soils, of high viticultural value. Predominantly old land, of tertiary origin, with low levels of organic matter. A light and sandy texture with very good airing and drainage conditions. Corners or picones as they are locally known, of mucky sands with alternating layers of whitish limestone provide elegance and finesse.

Weather in 2016

Very dry, tough and cold winter, as is usual in this area. Spring itself was rainy and mild, allowing us to accumulate a good water reserve for the beginning of the cycle until well into summer.
The flowering and setting of the fruit were very good.
The summer months brought almost no storms, and this caused water stress in some vineyards. In these cases, a perfect balance between soil and plant were demonstrated, as these selected areas showed hardly any stress at all.
A complete ripening and low yields, normally produced in these areas, favoured a slightly delayed harvest to normal years, but not in excess


Manual harvest, carefully searching and selecting in those areas of the estate with the best strains. Choosing cluster by cluster in each plant, according to the vigour and vegetative expression of each small partition of plots.


Deposited in small vats, respecting the origin of each small portion of the selected estate and fermented separately until the end. Slow alcoholic fermentation of the whole grain with indigenous yeast. Prolonged maceration but avoiding over-extractions. Malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. All movements by gravity, undertaken with the utmost care.

Total stay in the barrel

14 months in new Bordelaise barrels made of fine grain French oak.

Refining in the bottle

Minimum of 2 years ageing before commercialisation date.

Tasting notes

Final result of the best stum from the finest areas of the estate. Full expression of colour in an intense, dark and mature wine. On the nose complex nuances of black fruit, Indian ink, liquorice, spices and exotic wood. Balanced and harmonious. Immense initial power softened by ageing in the best oak and the long refinement in bottle, resulting in an elegant, vibrant, smooth and well-structured wine. In the mouth creamy, elegant, ambitious and, above all, pleasurable. Enjoy now and very suitable for ageing over the next 10 years.


100% Tinta del País


Our own property of 60 hectares, with varied types of soils and thoroughly zoned ripening dates.


6,500 bottles and 50 magnums


Rodrigo Miñón, Manuel Iribarnegaray

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January 2020

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